Our Costs

Here is where you will find all cost associated with Finding-Nico. This will continue to be updated as items are purchased. If a specific cost, or project, is sponsored it will appear as a hyperlink to our sponsor page.

Costs are broken down into three categories: Van Build, Marketing, and The Trip.

Van Build

  • The Van- $20,000
  • The Floor- $260 Donated by Rusty’s Floor Covering
  • Fan-tastic Vent- $320 (x2)
  • Roof Rack- $3,000
  • Solar System- $1,200
  • Compost Toilet- $995
  • Sink (with pump)- $300
  • Insulation- $225
  • Paneling- $200
  • Lighting- $175
  • Bed Build- $500
  • Tools- $200


  • Website (including domain)- $300/yr
  • Point of Sale Services- $100/yr

The Trip

  • Fuel- $200/month
  • Insurance- $130/month
  • Food- $400/month



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