Monetary Allocations

Random Acts of Kindness

Money donated as, or to facilitate, random acts of kindness. (i.e. food for the homeless, donations to soup kitchens, natural disaster relief, etc…) All funds raised through merchandise sales, partnerships, or specified donations.

  • $108

Funds Raised for Financial Recipient Nonprofits

Funds raised for our financial recipient nonprofits through penny drives, donations, and special events. (All funds will be donated to our participating nonprofits June 2019)

  • $400

Hours Documented

Hours documented working with nonprofits in the Columbus / Phenix City area. (June 17 – Present)

  • 25 hours

Months Sponsored

Funds raised to allow 120 hours of service to local nonprofits in each month covered.

  • 1.25 of 12


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